Company Profile

We are currently located in our new, larger premise at the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson which supports large industries such as mining, power generation, offshore oil and gas, bulk handling, chemicals, petroleum refining as well as both commercial and naval ship repair.

Our clients are located through out Western Australia, Australia and the rest of the world. All work, goods and services are provided within our facilities and on site at customer’s premises including ongoing repairs whilst at sea.

Fremantle Foundry & Engineering Co. provides a wide range of services to our extensive client base across a broad cross-section of industries. FFE is committed to providing a full range of service to all our clients.

At the operational and service levels there are a number of Divisions, these are:

  • Ship Repair – Commercial and Defence
  • NATA Testing and Certification
  • General Engineering and Fabrication

The staff members at Fremantle Foundry & Engineering Co. have many years of combined experience in the shipping and local industry. We employ over 50 staff, which include senior management, administration as well as a wide range of highly qualified tradespeople and apprentices.

Corporate objectives

The management is committed to the ongoing provision of first class engineering services without compromising corporate values. Our objectives are;

  • To maintain our existing client base through continued good service
  • To raise the profile and awareness of our business
  • To develop new client relationships
  • To ensure our safety and environmental policies are maintained and implemented
  • To continue our support for the apprenticeship training scheme
  • To recruit, retain, care for and develop a skilled workforce
  • To improve with the implementation of new technology

Management systems

Fremantle Foundry maintains the following systems

  • Management in accordance with AS/NZS 9001
  • Safety in accordance with AS 4801
  • Testing in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025

Accreditation is applicable to the following;

  • Repair, renewal and overhaul of marine machinery and associated mechanical components
  • Repair of ships hulls, appendages and fittings
  • Procurements of specialised marine and general engineering supplies and equipment